Blockchain entertainment company GalaChain accelerates growth with new partnership

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Gala Games, a blockchain entertainment company, recently announced a partnership with DWF Labs, a global company involved in digital assets and Web3 investments.

This collaboration was made public on November 8. This collaboration sets the stage for the rapid expansion of Gala’s highly-anticipated L1 blockchain, GalaChain.

DWF Labs, recognized as one of the world’s largest high-frequency cryptocurrency trading entities, is strategically positioned to facilitate Gala’s outreach to new visionaries, developers, and investors.

Gala Games expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, eager to bring forth the initial outcomes to their vast user base across gaming, film, and music platforms.

GalaChain, initially known as a “games-first” blockchain, is the brainchild of gaming and blockchain experts with a unified vision to empower users across diverse industries.

The incorporation of cutting-edge web3 technologies has allowed Gala Games to extend its reach beyond gaming into Gala Music and Gala Film, creating a comprehensive web3 entertainment experience.

The GalaChain ecosystem, having undergone thorough testing and development, is well-positioned for its next mission—to onboard a billion users.

Gala Games envisions GalaChain as more than just a gaming blockchain, foreseeing its application across various sectors such as travel, manufacturing, healthcare, and social media.

CEO Eric Schiermeyer emphasized Gala’s commitment to digital ownership in Web3, indicating plans to incorporate all digital game items onto GalaChain’s layer 1 blockchain. This strategic move aims to position GalaChain as the “most used blockchain…period,” according to Schiermeyer.

The partnership with DWF Labs is expected to leverage its extensive network of partners and experienced builders to accelerate the adoption of GalaChain.

Andrei Grachev, Managing Partner at DWF Labs, expressed anticipation for the alliance, recognizing Gala Games’ potential to rapidly grow the use of its L1 network.

In September, Gala Games also introduced new Last Expedition Early Access Tokens on GalaChain, allowing a broader audience to join the game.

These tokens, distributed to those who bought Operator’s License Bundles, grant access to playtest builds until the official Beta launch, with a unique GalaChain minted item format. 

In August, Gala Games upgraded its ‘Node-Based Cumulative Lifetime Points’ system, emphasizing decentralization and community influence.

The revised system includes a logarithmic function for bonus point allocation to ensure fairness and offers a 20% free mint allowance for Founder’s Node operators. 

Gala Games has also migrated the majority of its NFT inventory to GalaChain, its proprietary blockchain, introducing NFT Mystery Boxes with surprise items from popular games. 

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