Canadian Kick streamer xQc faces casino ban in Quebec

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Popular Kick streamer Félix “xQc” Lengyel shared an unexpected turn of events during his birthday celebration at a Canadian casino with his family. The streamer, known for his high-stakes gambling streams on the Kick platform, detailed how he was abruptly removed from the premises due to suspicions of a gambling addiction.

During a recent Kick stream, xQc explained that he was playing with his family, wagering small amounts when he was escorted out of the casino. Surprisingly, he learned from casino staff that he had been banned from all forms of gambling in Quebec, including online platforms and lotteries.

The ban reportedly stemmed from an article in 2022 that suggested xQc had admitted to gambling addiction. This information, according to the streamer, triggered an automatic ban through the casino’s online systems. The ban extended beyond the casino premises, affecting xQc’s ability to participate in any form of gambling in Quebec.

The incident has prompted discussions about the intersection of online entertainment and real-world consequences. xQc, who recently signed a lucrative non-exclusive deal with Kick worth up to $100m, faces repercussions as his public persona appears to be interfering with his personal life.

Fans quickly reacted to xQc’s story on social media, with some suggesting that he should buy the entire casino. Others highlighted administrative issues at Canadian casinos, drawing attention to potential failures that may have led to xQc’s ban.

This casino ban comes amidst xQc’s transition from Twitch to Kick in a high-profile deal. The non-exclusive agreement allows him to continue delivering content on Twitch, where he reportedly earns a minimum base salary of $3.4m per year, excluding sponsorship deals.

Meanwhile, it was recently revealed that xQc has surpassed $2.6bn in gambling wagers on, revealing a significant shift in his betting habits from modest $40 spins to high-stakes $50,000 spins. Despite notable wins, xQc admitted to substantial losses totaling $15m in November, prompting skepticism among fans about the authenticity of these figures and speculation about the source of funds, with debates over the possibility of “fake money.”

While xQc clarified the independence of his deal with Kick and partnership with, hinting at a combined worth of up to $275m, discussions persist around the transparency and responsible conduct in online content creation, particularly regarding gambling-related streams on the Kick platform.

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