Divvy.Bet hits $3 million milestone in Solana ecosystem triumph

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In a remarkable achievement for the Solana Ecosystem, Divvy.Bet, an online crypto betting platform, has proudly announced that it has crossed the $3 million mark in total volume.

Over the course of its operations, Divvy.Bet has successfully processed almost 21,000 wagers and provided support for nearly 9,000 matches across various sports.

The team at Divvy.Bet expressed their gratitude to the community for their overwhelming support during this journey. In particular, they acknowledged the contributions of @rajgokal and @aeyakovenko for creating a robust infrastructure that facilitated the seamless development of platforms like Divvy.Bet within the Solana ecosystem.

Divvy.Bet highlighted the rapid growth trajectory, revealing that it took them 90 days to achieve their first million, followed by 166 days for the second million and 229 days for the latest milestone of $3m in total volume. 

To celebrate this significant accomplishment, Divvy.Bet has announced a unique opportunity for their followers on X (formerly Twitter).

Divvy.Bet is conducting a giveaway where participants can predict the date on which the platform will hit its next million in total volume. The lucky winner with the correct guess will receive 5 SOL, a cryptocurrency native to the Solana blockchain. Entrants have a week to submit their predictions.

The Divvy.Bet team emphasized that such remarkable milestones and rapid growth are only possible within the Solana ecosystem, praising the scalability and efficiency of the blockchain network that enables platforms like Divvy.Bet to flourish.

In other recent develompents, Divvy.Bet unveiled DVYPass V2, the latest version of the crypto betting platform, introducing live staking and a host of enhancements.

DVYPass V2 offers an Enhanced Reward Allocation system for more equitable rewards, Flexible Reward Claiming, and Bulk Staking & Unstaking with a “stake all” option.

Divvy.Bet also teased upcoming UI updates and hinted at more exciting features in the pipeline, encouraging users to stay tuned for further announcements.

Moreover, in August, Divvy.Bet introduced Divvy Pass staking, enabling users to stake their limited-edition Divvy House Pass NFTs for enhanced benefits.

Limited to 2,500 units, the House Pass offered increased DVY token emissions, higher referral payouts, exclusive contest entries, and a share of unique rewards.

The staking process began, requiring stakeholders to stake their passes by August 25, with rewards distributed based on the number of staked Passes. 

Divvy.Bet also implemented an exclusive rewards system from August 1, allowing rewards to accumulate in a dedicated account for distribution to a specified Divvy House Pass treasury wallet. 

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