Kick co-founder Trainwreck drops bombshell on upcoming signings

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Tyler Faraz Niknam a.k.a. Trainwreck, co-founder and prominent streamer at the rising platform Kick, has hinted at groundbreaking signings set to shake up the streaming industry. The platform, known for its aggressive pursuit of top-tier talent, has previously secured deals with streaming giants like Amouranth, NICKMERCS, Adin Ross, and xQc.

Trainwreck took to social media to announce the imminent wave of signings, boldly asserting that they will “devastate” the industry. The co-founder’s statement emphasized Kick’s commitment to fostering a natural viewership ecosystem, particularly benefitting hardworking small to midsize creators.

In addition to the alleged signings, Trainwreck revealed the revival of the SCUFFED Podcast, a beloved fixture in the streaming community, dormant since 2021. Fans will definitely be happy about the return of candid discussions and humorous banter.

Trainwreck also teased a high-stakes event upon his return—a $100,000 Counter-Strike 2 case opening, showcasing Kick’s dedication to creating buzzworthy extravaganzas in the streaming domain.

Kick’s diverse approach extends beyond gaming circles deals, tapping into esports and surprising celebrity acquisitions like Tyga.

With signings from Valorant and Dota 2, Kick aims to broaden its content portfolio, solidifying its position as a dynamic and inclusive streaming platform.

The platform’s competitive edge against industry giants like Twitch and YouTube continues to grow, positioning itself as a compelling choice for both established and emerging streamers.

Kick has garnered significant traction within the streaming community by providing a subscription split of 95/5, a substantial improvement over Twitch’s standard 50/50 split.

For example, Amouranth recently revealed that she significantly increased her income through her streaming deal with Kick. While specific financial details were not disclosed, Amouranth mentioned in an interview that her earnings doubled across various channels.

She praised Kick for its fair revenue-sharing model and user-friendly interface, contrasting it with criticisms of Twitch’s ad income-sharing and moderation methods.

Kick’s attractiveness is further underscored by its lenient content policies, allowing streamers considerable freedom in sharing content on the platform. Unlike Twitch, which imposed restrictions on crypto gambling live streams on October 18, 2022, Kick permits such content.

At the same time, Kick has faced criticism from its streamers, primarily stemming from lenient content moderation policies and apprehensions regarding its affiliation with the crypto gambling platform

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