Opensea layoffs, Rollbit successes and Mega Dice bonuses

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With Bitcoin and alts on the rise as bullish sentiments return to the market, Opensea, Ethereum’s leading NFT marketplace announced major layoffs at the beginning of the week.

According to reports, almost half of Opensea’s staff have been laid off. The news comes at a strange time for the NFT industry with repots of 90% of NFTs being “useless” and prices at rock bottom.

Opensea explained to the public that recent layoffs were a part of the company’s revaluation of their product, culture, and technology.

This isn’t the first time that Opensea have conducted layoffs. Last year, Opensea reduced its workforce by 20% to prepare for downturns in the cryptocurrency market. 

In other news this week, Rollbit recorded a successful October with the crypto casino concluding 47 RLB lottery drawings, awarding a total of 4653, 240 to Rollbit winners.

On a variety of Rollbit games, such as Ugliest Catch, Fire Hopper, and Big Bamboo, several users have also managed to win 50,000x’s.

The trade with the highest return was a $0.96 gamble that generated $511, or 53,233.33%, in profit.

Finally, Mega Dice Casino is offering a wide range of promotions and bonuses for new and returning users.

Promos include Game of the Week, Monday Reload, generous welcome offers and Mega Dice’s weekend tournaments where users can win from a €5000-prize pool for participating in wagers.

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