Oregon Sets All-Time Sports Betting Handle and Revenue Records in October

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According to the latest monthly revenue report from the Oregon Lottery, DraftKings, the state’s only licensed sports betting operator, reported accepting an all-time record of $71.9 million in wagers throughout the month of October.
Oregon gamblers placed over $27.2 million in wagers on football during October
The latest figures mark a 17.2% increase on the previous month’s sports betting handle of $61,354,332 and a 29.4% increase year-on-year. Sports bettors in Oregon have now wagered $530.5 million across the first ten months of 2023 and $1.02 billion since DraftKings took over as the state’s sole sportsbook in January 2022. The all-time wagering total now stands at $1.6 billion. 
The industry also set an all-time sports betting revenue record as October saw DraftKings generate $8.5 million in revenue from a win percentage of 11.90%, a 26.9% increase in the previous month and 49.1% increase year-on-year. October’s revenue figure was around $1 million more than the previous record set in January 2023. This brings the year-to-date revenue total to $58.6 million and $161.5 million since legal Oregon sports betting launched in October 2019.
Although not listed in the monthly revenue report, Oregon’s deal with DraftKings sees the state collect 51% of sports betting revenue. This means that taxes for the month of October were around $4.3 million.
Football Most Wagered-on Sport
According to the report, Oregon gamblers wagered $27.2 million on football. This was more than three times the amount wagered on the next most popular sport of basketball which attracted $8.1 million in bets. The month of October also saw baseball pull in $7.4 million in wagers while soccer and tennis attracted over $5 million each. Ice hockey bets for the month came to just over $2.5 million.

Historical Sports Handle, Revenues & Taxes in Oregon

PeriodTotal HandleSportsbook RevenueWin %State Taxes*
Oct 2019$5,605,244$220,3963.93%$37,228Nov 2019$17,115,416$960,7145.61%$488,536Dec 2019$22,551,453$1,743,2317.73%$81,589Jan 2020$21,151,604$1,773,7578.39%$0Feb 2020$20,899,825$1,481,1977.09%$789,597Mar 2020$9,007,860$937,75010.41%$1,004,756Apr 2020$4,430,648$392,7678.86%$458,574May 2020$7,290,190$598,0618.20%$1,096,499June 2020$7,921,864$777,9039.82%$422,065July 2020$14,042,425$1,003,0377.14%$434,412Aug 2020$25,845,403$1,662,4066.43%$1,283,190Sep 2020$26,174,303$1,527,2435.83%$1,253,139Oct 2020$29,455,228$2,751,1479.34%$1,400,214Nov 2020$25,039,884$4,116,31416.44%$1,311,595Dec 2020$26,987,303$3,050,78511.30%$1,672,413Jan 2021$34,935,891$3,872,60411.08%$1,184,950Feb 2021$29,600,150$2,684,7779.07%$429,301Mar 2021$24,054,960$1,374,3775.71%$13,964Apr 2021$25,323,061$2,729,27710.78%$83,371May 2021$27,780,213$2,350,2908.46%$51,677Jun 2021$24,903,118$2,841,76711.41%$179,227Jul 2021$18,189,572$2,173,57211.95%$725,929Aug 2021$17,686,198$1,063,1356.01%$1,199,922Sep 2021$25,070,339$1,259,7445.02%$2,238,809Oct 2021$37,639,041$3,022,2988.03%$3,203,474Nov 2021$32,673,216$4,428,65813.55%$1,291,876Dec 2021$33,743,754$2,597,5037.70%$1,895,772Jan 2022$42,899,735$2,389,2805.57%$793,470Feb 2022$39,458,431$3,335,1658.45%$2,027,831Mar 2022$36,208,011$3,620,61010.00%$1,615,951Apr 2022$42,936,415$3,824,1658.91%$1,414,184May 2022$41,708,884$5,034,03612.07%$1,869,675Jun 2022$33,966,896$2,548,1927.50%$1,664,271Jul 2022$28,453,245$2,700,2579.49%$576,228Aug 2022$28,196,193$2,707,0419.60%$2,046,270Sep 2022$39,292,037$5,465,18213.91%$1,840,371Oct 2022$55,555,464$5,783,45210.41%$3,418,603Nov 2022$55,503,996$6,418,57811.56%$600,636Dec 2022$53,806,189$5,693,39710.58%$2,903,632Jan 2023$62,328,293$7,546,96612.11%$3,848,952Feb 2023$48,425,409$4,261,2848.80%$2,173,254Mar 2023$50,456,710$6,088,34212.07%$3,105,054Apr 2023$55,167,184$7,051,98012.78%$3,596,509May 2023$52,122,283$6,462,46212.40%$3,295,855Jun 2023$43,861,200$4,336,3689.89%$2,211,547Jul 2023$40,428,203$4,150,62510.27%$2,116,818Aug 2023$44,542,070$3,507,6347.87%$1,788,893Sep 2023$61,354,332$6,720,39610.95%$3,427,401Oct 2023$71,903,468$8,545,27011.90%$4,358,087Totals$1,623,692,811$161,585,3929.44%74925571$0

*State taxes are approximate figures as Oregon does not publish tax data.

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