Top 4 Crypto Gambling GambleFi Tokens in 2023

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GambleFi and igaming are on the rise this year with many investors dabbling with crypto gambling websites and web3 igaming.

With the bull run among us many traders are wondering where to find the best crypto gambling tokens on the market

This short guide will take you through the top 4 most promising crypto gambling tokens in 2023.

Top 4 Crypto Gambling GambleFi tokens 2023

WINR Protocol (WINR)

WINR Protocol is an autonomous infrastructure for on-chain betting games and slots. Game developers can utilize WINR Protocol to build new games using WINR’s available resources and WINR DAO.

WINR Protocol can host decentralized applications, casino games, sports betting platforms and more and all of them will be on-chain.

The benefits of WINR’s on-chain model loops back to WINR’s native WINR token which powers WINR Protocol and on-chain duties.

The protocol has also implemented a buyback and burn mechanism making WINR deflationary. Many investors see WINR Protocol as a leading web3 igaming pioneer for the future.   

Rollbit (RLB)

Rollbit is a web3 crypto casino and betting platform powered by its native RLB token.  Due to the success of Rollbit as a platform, the site’s native token has in-turn gained popularity among crypto investors.

Since mid-2023 Rollbit implemented deflationary tokenomics to RLB making it a deflationary token. RLB is also used to reward users in Rollbit’s RLB lotteries which increase demand for the token by sharing the casino’s profits with users.

Rollbit reauires RLB holders to stake their holdings to be eligible for the RLB lottery and various prizes, events and discounts on the Rollbit platform.

With multiple usecases, RLB has been a favourite for many GambleFi investors.

Solcasino (SCS)

Solcasino is one of Solana’s leading crypto gambling platforms. Solcasino’s NFTs are also one of Solana’s strongest NFT collections.

On Solcasino users can make decentralized sports bets, play casino games and stake NFTs to earn Solcasino’s native SCS token. Since changing the staking rules back in late 2023, Solcaisno’s SCS token has been reassessed by investors.

Those who wish to earn passive SCS tokens while staking Solcasino NFTs must now need to own and stake SCS tokens.

By opening a new avenue for demand and increasing staking benefits, SCS has been placed on many GambleFi investment lists.

FUNToken (FUN)

FUNToken is an Ethereum-based crypto token developed for web3 crypto gambling platforms. The FUNToken team created FUN to facilitate web3 gaming on Ethereum with a transparent and decentralized token that can be used for rewarding players and powering ecosystems.

Gamblefi developers and operators can use FUNToken to and FUN’s XFUN web3 wallet as a backbone for igaming platforms.

On XFUN wallet all transactions are gas free and transactions can be finalised within seconds making it a powerful tool for igaming developers in web3.

With the market entering a new phase there’s no doubt that more innovative GambleFi tokens may be on the horizon. Keep up to date with the latest in crypto gambling at CGN.

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